Gary Fyvie Photography: Blog en-us (C) Gary Fyvie Photography (Gary Fyvie Photography) Sat, 30 May 2015 14:06:00 GMT Sat, 30 May 2015 14:06:00 GMT Gary Fyvie Photography: Blog 120 120 Photoshop can ruin your images! These days being a photographer requires a good if not even better skill level in digital photo manipulation. I'm not talking about image creation either, just the ability to produce an image whether it be a portrait or landscape shot that is of an acceptable standard for the client. Saying that and before I go on, I will mention that there are still quite a few photographers out there that wholly refuse to use digital manipulation in anyway and I admire them and their work. Whether or not to use digital manipulation is not my reason for this post though.

The reason for this post is that I have just received my daughters school pictures.

Now do not think for a second that I'm about to rubbish the photographers skill or that I'm jealous that I was not the photographer because I'm not. Quite frankly I think the individual shots of my daughter are brilliant and the photographer has managed to get her to look very relaxed in the shot, something that I know is quite difficult with my daughter.

No, the reason for this post is the group shot.All the kids are facing the camera, no daft faces or anyone being elbowed by another etc. It is a good, well captured shot and one I would have bought along with the individual images. Unfortunately unless I am very much mistaken and the kids in question really do have the ability to levitate, 2 of the kids must have been missing on the day for the full class picture and they have been added in afterwards which has completely ruined the entire image. They have been positioned in a cross-legged sitting position at either side of the front row and you can even see the outline of a different background around one of them. The 2 floating kids are the first thing that grab your attention when you look at the image and ultimately it's a complete disaster.

Digital manipulation as a tool has it's uses, I use it a lot and for example in the before and after image here to demonstrate how it can make an image much more appealing:

What the school group shot got me thinking about was how it can also ruin an image and in the process (potentially) the photographers reputation. I don't know if the photographer was pressurised into adding the 2 missing kids into the shot by the school, if they were I wish they had turned around to them after attempting to add the missing kids explaining that it just wasn't working and only offering the original shot instead. At a push they could have offered the edited shot to the parents who's kids were not there on the day only as an extra, and not put the shot out to all of the families. Personally, I wouldn't have put the shot out at all. It would have been deleted, binned, never seen the light of day. 

Digital manipulation of images is commonplace and useful, all of my clients expect their images to be altered subtlely to bring out the best in them. This is standard practice within the industry and a tool that should be used. If however the editing is detrimental to the image it should be discarded. 

Photoshop used correctly can make a good image great... but it can also ruin it!!

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Achieved Accreditation: Diploma (with distinction) in Professional Photography. Alongside my studio work for clients, I have also been studying since July 2013 (I still can't believe it's been that long!) towards a diploma in professional photography. I am pleased to say that at the end of March 2015 I finally completed the work. As with a great many photographers, I am primarily self taught. I do not see this as a bad thing, in fact I personally believe one of the greatest aspects of photography is that pretty much all the 'rules' can be broken to a certain degree and the resulting work can actually be better for it. I have always been a great believer in practice, practice, practice. If you want to succeed at something and then continue to improve, you need to practice! In terms of photography you can buy the magazines, books or look at any one of the multitude of websites for photography for hints and tips, it's all out there for you to find whatever the genre your interested in. 

Due to this you may ask why go through the expense, hard work and headaches to gain the diploma? 

The reason for doing it I have already pretty well summed up in one of the above sentences. 'As with a great many photographers, I am primarily self taught.' There are a number of good local  photographers out there who are offering the same services as myself, and like myself are self taught. I know quite a few in the local area and even actively promote their work and often refer potential clients to them if I am already booked for the dates required. The flip-side to this is unfortunately there are also quite a number of photographers out there who, to put it politely, should be practicing a bit more before offering their services. I am not one to comment on others specific work, or to try and encourage clients to hire myself by putting others down. Therefore in order to reassure clients that with me they are making the right choice, I chose to work towards the diploma as a means for potential clients to see that I am serious about my work.

As mentioned in the title, I am pleased to say that not only have I achieved the diploma but my  submissions throughout the course have maintained a high enough standard to actually attain the distinction grade for the diploma. The credit for that though really has to go to my tutor who wouldn't take second best and continually pushed me throughout the entire course to the point I was actually nervous every time I pressed the 'send' button on my emails to him with my assignments and images! His name is Jeremy Webb, professional photographer, tutor and a thoroughly nice bloke. All thanks go to him. Along with the diploma, I am now registered on a certified list of professional photographers, which gives me the right to display the 'certified pro' button on my site to further prove to potential clients that I take my work seriously. Finally,  it also entitles me to stick a load of letters after my name... not that I ever would.

So after 20 months work, I should really have a rest from studying but with photography there is always something new to try, something to improve on. I'm now looking forward to the next challenge which I have already decided on, but more about that some other time!

Gary Fyvie (
… okay, maybe just the once. :-)


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Upcoming Kindergarten Shoot We are pleased to be covering the portrait shoot for a local kindergarten on the 2nd/3rd July. It will be quite a task as we are expecting to be photographing around 90 kids over the 2 days! We will be offering not only the usual photo pack options but also downloads for all the parents who would like to own the original images.

We respect peoples privacy here at GFP, especially that of peoples children so none of the images will be visible on the site, all will be securely locked away for the parents to view privately.

In preparation for the shoot, I had a quick lighting test with my favourite model...

I think she was trying to prove that she wasn't really interested with this one!

This one is more like it....

For individual and family photo shoots we have dates available for this year so please do get in touch. Also remember to like and follow us on Facebook for a chance to win a free clone shoot!!

Click Here: Facebook


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Cosnova House Band rocks Heidesheim On Monday 5th May at 21:30 a group of people who all work together for the cosmetics company Cosnova took to a small stage in the Burggarten in Heidesheim as the closing act for the 2014 Heidesheim Kerb. The locals may not have known who they were or have ever heard of them before but they were in for a treat...

The Cosnova Houseband may well only be a group of like-minded amateur performers who get together after work to practice their shared interest in music and instruments, but the performance they gave on the night was excellent.

For one and a half hours straight they ran through a varied set of 18 songs that had the crowd enthralled and at the end shouting for more.

For a band that is made up of employees of one single company they are remarkable, every single one of them has a talent that is well above average and bringing all of that together on stage is a joy to listen to. Their set that is made up of modern covers and more classic popular music is varied and really does have something for everyone and they handle switching between the genres with ease.

If you ever get the chance to see this band in action I thoroughly recommend you do. The people of Heidesheim may not have known who they were when they took to the stage... but they do now!

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Facebook Competition! Win a free clone shoot!! Clone Session Competition!!

Clone image of girl playing monopoly with herself

Ever wondered what it would be like if you had clones of yourself? Well we are offer a chance to find out (sort of!). This image above is actually a composite of multiple images of 1 child in different outfits. Fun shoot to make which results in an image that everyone loves! To celebrate the fact our Facebook page got to 50 likes in such a short space of time, we are going to give away one of these sessions to someone who likes this page as soon as we get to the next milestone of 100 likes. In order to win all you need to do is like and share the page with your friends and family and invite them to like the page. As soon as we hit 100 likes all the names will go into a hat and a winner will be chosen. The shoot can be passed on to whoever you want, so even if it’s not something you would want for yourself we are sure there is someone you know who would love this prize!

The Prize: A ‘clone’ photo session for either yourself, children, partner, friend or whoever you want to give it to with the resulting original full size image file for free! Only rules are that the shoot is for a maximum of 2 real people and the shoot location is within a 100km radius of our studio. What you and your clones are doing is entirely up to you and your imagination! Obviously we can suggest some great ideas for this if required.

Let’s see how fast we can get to 100!

Just click here to be taken to our facebook page!

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Portfolio Photobook Available These days we are finding that more and more clients are going for the digital options and not printing their images anymore. We think this is a bit of a shame as there is nothing better than having an image displayed on a wall in your home for all to see. There is nothing wrong with digital files and having them on your computer as the wallpaper or slideshow is a great idea but for us it's just not the same. Also different devices / monitors have differing colour reproduction and this can mean what you see on the screen is not exactly what it would look like in terms of the richness of the colours if it were displayed in print.
















To show what me mean by this we have printed our first portfolio photo-book that not only shows you the quality of work we produce but also just how much better images look in print!

We will be taking the book to all initial meetings with clients from now on as a showcase of our work and if required we will leave it with you to go over at your leisure, the book does have images in it that are not available on the website and has what we feel is a great mix of the different services that are available to you and what you can expect from our work.

Whether you require portraiture, wedding or commercial photography then get in touch with us via the contact page and we can arrange a meeting with you to discuss how we can be of service and will be delighted to show you the portfolio book in person.












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Start of the studio build! Currently as many of you know we use the loft conversion in our house for the indoor studio, or if we need more space we use the wintergarten. Well, as things stand we have decided we need a larger more permanent home for the studio, one which has separate areas for the portrait work and the small product/commercial work. We would also like to offer clients an area to change or get ready for their shoots and also have an office area.

Many ask when they visit us what the 'barn' as we call it is, or if indeed it is ours. The ground floor of the barn apart from the entrance from outside is finished and part of our home but the first floor and upper gallery sections have never been finished. When we bought the property it came with the official plans as the previous owners had started the conversion but as we didn't need the extra space at the time we had left it alone. We have decided to finally finish the work and use the first floor and upper gallery as the studio.


This will be the main portrait shooting area on the first floor.










This will be the large bathroom/changing room for clients.










Product Photography area, also on the first floor.










A shot of part of the upper gallery area, this will also be used for portrait work with the original beams and stone walls being cleaned and sealed. The office area will also be up here.








It is going to take some time to complete the conversion but we look forward to the day it's finished and ready for use. Expect regular updates on here and on our Facebook page as the work progresses.

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GFP is back on Facebook!

Last year we took down the GFP Facebook page as we were concerned about not only Facebook policies concerning small business pages but also we had had a number of images taken from the page without consent.

We are now back on Facebook, along with a sister Google+ page and also a Pinterest page for showing some of our work and sharing tips and ideas.

Check them out, like and share our new Facebook page, add us on Google+ and follow us on Pinterest. Links to the pages can be found on the contact page.

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Wedding of Amira & Ilyes I had the honor of being present and photographing the traditional Tunisian wedding of Amira & Ilyes in Tunis recently. I had never attended a Tunisian wedding before and was amazed by the amount of preparation involved in not only the ceremony but the evenings leading up to it too. The hospitality shown by the bride’s family over the four evenings was extraordinary, and I have to say that Sihem and Mokhtar made something that was already going to be special into something that I will remember forever as one of the most joyous weddings I have ever attended. 

The late evening of the day we arrived in Tunis was the first of the Henna parties at Amira's family home when all friends, family and neighbors were invited to dine, dance and have fun whist the traditional Henna tattoos were applied by the artist to family members and the children. Everyone was made to feel welcome and the party kept going into the small hours of the night. It has to be mentioned that the food was delicious!

The following evening was a (slightly!) quieter affair with mainly the bride’s family present for Amira to have the Henna designs put on. Watching the artist at work I was struck by the skill the lady has and the final outcome as can be seen on the picture from the wedding ceremony truly is a work of art.

The third evening was the night of the wedding reception as we would call it in Europe. It begins with a convoy from the bride’s family home through the streets to the venue with all the cars in the convoy driving with the hazard lights on and blasting away on the horns. I was amazed given the fact that driving in Tunis was 'interesting' at the best of times that everyone else on the road recognizes this and actually move out of the way of the convoy! Once at the venue, with guests already present Amira and her family make an entrance and she takes up position on the main stage to await the arrival of the groom. Lots of dancing to traditional music continues until Ilyes and his family arrive and make a similar entrance and he takes up position with Amira on the main stage. After greeting guests who go to the stage to give their congratulations the couple join in with the guests on the dance floor and it has to be said that everyone was having a lot of fun! Amira then disappeared for a few moments to change from what was already a stunning traditional outfit into another equally elegant outfit and the dancing continued till the end of the night.

The fourth evening was at what I suppose for us Europeans would be called the registry office. The bride and groom arrived together to be greeted by all the family and guests and everyone enters the registry office to witness the marriage vows and the signing of the registry. Amira was again looking stunning in another beautiful outfit and there was lots of laughs during the vows being exchanged, especially the point when Ilyes has to 'buy' Amira which is part of the tradition. After the registry had been signed, everyone made their way out into the picturesque courtyard and the couple were congratulated by everyone in turn before allowing everyone to take pictures on the grounds to end the evening.


Amira & Ilyes. I wish you both every success and happiness, and again thank you for allowing me to be there with you.




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Glamour/ Boudoir Style Photo Shoots I was asked by a client if I could possibly do a glamour/boudoir style shoot for her. She wanted the images for her husbands upcoming birthday as a special present, a nice canvas or two to have on their bedroom wall and she also said she wouldn't mind having them for herself to look back on when she is old and grey. This I especially thought was a great reason! The shoot was originally planned to take place in her own home, so she would feel more comfortable and to make it easier for changing clothes, make-up etc. Something came up though which made this impossible so the shoot ended up taking place in my studio instead, which limited the amount of changes of clothing style but it was still a great shoot with a few different looks included.

I wasn't originally going to write anything about this shoot, from my point of view these types of shoots are for the clients and the clients only. The images from the shoot, all except the one here are in the client area and only viewable to her or whoever she gives the access code and password to. After she saw the images though she actually said she would like if I used them on my site as she is very proud of them, I may put others on the site after her husbands birthday date has passed and the special present has been revealed but until then I will only display this one. Please if you know her do not 'tag' as it would ruin the surprise!

Boudoir studio sessions

The main reason for the post though is during our discussions about what she would like from the shoot, she mentioned she was a little embarrassed and nervous about doing the shoot (which is natural) and wished she had done something like this when she was younger, before she had children. She had looked on the internet for some inspiration of the styles she would like and I also did some research to help her in deciding which poses etc to use and the vast majority of the pictures that came up were of obviously of proffesional models. Although great in using for reference, these I believe can also have a negative effect as lets be honest there is not many people on the planet who look like they do. This brings up the use of photoshop etc.

Now don't get me wrong, I do edit the images I produce. Photoshop and other editing programs are very useful tools in getting the desired effect for an image but what I did notice when looking around is way over the top processing done on boudoir and glamour images, for me this is wrong. The images I think no longer represent who the person in question is, some I saw I doubt even held a passing resemblance to the actual subject anymore! If you have a search for boudior studio photography and once you get passed the proffesional model images you can find the type of shots I mean. I am not critising these photographers, far from it. It links back to what I wrote in the previous paragraph about the use of professional models in these type of shots. Clients want their pictures to look just as good but over the top editing to achieve this is the point I think is wrong, lighting is the key I feel for producing very desirable pictures here. Get the lighting right in the first place and a little subtle editing is all that is required to give the client not only an image that they want to display and are proud to show to others but also one that actually looks like they do too! Unfortunetly stark depthless images and over the top processing are what appears to be the norm in boudior and glamour shots, which I think is a shame. Sure the processing may make you look like a professional model, but when you look at it, do you actually see yourself?

If this type of shoot is something that appeals to you then feel free to get in touch. Just remember that the images produced from your shoot will actually look like you!




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UA Nails Konigstein Shoot I had the pleasure of doing a photoshoot for a local nail salon near me, namely UA Nails which is in Konigstein. The owner Len Ritchie had asked if I could do some shots for her of the premises, her products and treatments to be used on her brand new website which is currently being built. Knowing absolutely nothing about what goes on in a nail salon, I turned up for the shoot not exactly sure what I would find! Len was brilliant, explaining to me what she does and the treatments she provides for her clients. The shoot went well and Len and her model for the treatment shots have said they are pleased with the results and as soon as they have decided which images they want to use they will be displayed on her new website, which can be found at

For anyone in the Konigstein or general Taunus area looking for an American style nail salon that provides not just manicures and pedicures but also galvanic spa treatments as well as a host of other services, I suggest you give Len a call on 06174 2599827. You really won't find a more relaxing and welcoming salon, or owner!

No pictures from the shoot I'm afraid as they are all tucked away in the client area for private viewing!



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Photographing kids who don't like their picture taken I was at the local dog daycare center or 'hundetagesstatte' in German to photograph some of the dogs for the owners website. The pictures of the dog 'portraits' can be found here. The owner Norman explained to me during the shoot that he unfortunetly has no proper pictures of his son Noel as Noel is absolutely 100% against getting his picture taken, so much so that even when the kindergarten does it's annual photoshoot the only picture he will allow to be taken is the group shot of his class, he will not pose on his own and even when the photographer tries to catch him offguard he covers his face. I offered to have a go at getting some pictures of Noel when he came to the center after kindergarten.

Noel is a shy kid, he wouldn't talk to me when he arrived and hid behind his father as we sat and had a coffee. When I took the camera out of the bag and asked if he would like a picture taken he flatly refused and hid even more! I didn't want to push it as there is nothing worse than forced pictures of children as it shows in the images that the kid is not happy and that for me makes for very bad pictures, especially for the parents as they know their childs expressions more than anyone else and would be disappointed with them.

So how did I manage to finally get him to allow me to take pictures of him? It's actually very simple, the first step was to get him to trust the camera (This part may make others cringe!) so I handed it to him. Showed him what buttons to press to see the pictures we had already done with the dogs and then showed him how to take pictures of his dad and see the results. Noel and his father Norman then together took pictures of me and during this I started pulling funny faces, not hard people who know me would say! This made Noel laugh and kids being kids he wanted to make some too...

Noel pulling funny faces

So we then kept messing about, taking more and more funny pictures then slowly started to take more normal pictures but saying 'wouldn't it be fun to get a picture with you doing ....' In the end, Norman got the pictures of his son that he always wanted and I think Noel will now look forward to getting his picture taken again in the future as when we said we were finished with the camera he really didn't want to stop!

The pictures taken of Noel and his father can be found here, for images taken where there was no planning, no choice of clothes and not even a hairbrush in sight I think they have turned out really well. I believe for Norman they are exactly what he wanted as they show Noel how he is at home and with his father everyday, a happy fun loving child. Not the impression that is given in the kindergarten group pictures where he is standing up straight with a fake smile on his face.

Kids grow up fast, it's important to capture their true characters in the pictures taken of them.


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Dead Hard Drive = New Photography PC!! I wasn't going to mention here on my blog about my hard drive failure or my thoughts on what makes a great pc for photography use but after some of the suggestions and 'advice' from others I received after it happened there seems to be a vast amount of people out there who think you need to spend thousands and buy specific machines or your system will not be up to the task. In my opinion this is wrong and a lot of people are wasting their money.

It had to happen I suppose, after using PC's since the Sinclair Spectrum (actually used the ZX81 at the computer club at school but the Spectrum was the first I owned myself!) I have finally suffered my very first hard drive failure. Unluckily it wasn't on my netbook or laptop but on my desktop computer that is solely used as my photographic PC. To be fair it was an older machine but it had been performing faultlessly with no hint that it may be about to try to eat itself! Thankfully, I never actually keep any of my images on the computers own hard drive, preferring to have them on external drives and leaving the PC's drive free just for the operating system and the photographic programs.  The annoying thing was that I had just begun editing our road trip images and only managed to get the Balestrino and Lago Maggiore sets edited and uploaded to the site before the failure. The rest will now have to wait till I get back from work in two weeks.  

I could have just replaced the hard drive but I decided to get a fresh machine with the specifications required to handle todays more memory hungry photographic program processes with ease.  I went with an independent computer shop, gave them the specs of what I wanted and placed the order. The new PC was delivered just 2 days before I was leaving the country so I have only had time to begin installing my programs, with a few new updated versions of course! On the subject of my main workflow program I did consider switching to Adobe Lightroom 4 but after considering it, I have decided to stick with Cyberlink PhotoEditor, but I have upgraded from the 2011 version I was using to the latest PhotoEditor 3 which has a few more features with it that I really want to have.

For those of you who are interested in maybe having your own 'Photography Only PC' please do not be put off or think it's impossible by what you read on websites and forums about the serious amount of money you need to spend on even what they consider a budget/low end pc for image editing. No offence to these guys but they are serious computer buffs to whom shaving 2.5% off the process time of an application is a big deal. I can understand that (and can see the need for it in a busy commercial situation) but at the same time I'm quite happy to go have a cup of coffee whilst the computer has been set to batch edit a few hundred images! What I have found over the years is the best way to keep a pc fast, is to keep it clean. Having a pc that is only for processing your images and not for general internet browsing/home use is a great idea for anyone who is serious about their photography in my opinion as it remains uncluttered and fast. For general browsing etc.? My advice would be get a netbook to have alongside your 'photo pc', they are very cheap these days and ideal for general use.

Here is the rough specs of my Photo PC setup and the programmes I use for those who are interested.

Desktop PC with an AMD FX 4100 Quad Core Processor, 16 GB DDR3 RAM, 500 GB Hard drive (remember for programs only so no need to have a massive internal drive). 2 Western Digital 1TB external hard drives, 1 for image workflow and the other is the backup and a NEC IPS monitor.

Operating System and basic programs are: Windows 7 64bit, Firefox, OpenOffice and avast for the all important antivirus.

Photography Programs: Cyberlink PhotoEditor3, Photoshop Elements 9, Picturenaut.

Now I know a lot of people will scoff at what is listed above (some may even go as far as to say how can he be a serious photographer with only that at his disposal!) but I am not someone who only looks at the big numbers/brand names or glossy cases. What I look for is components and programs that do away with all the bells, whistles and 'must haves' and give me actually what I want from them in the first place and only what I want from them. A photography computer does not need the latest and greatest graphics or sound cards fitted, doesn't need to be pre-loaded with lots of i-this or i-that. Contrary to what others may have you believe the less you have on there and the more 'bare bones' a system is, the faster it will be able to perform the important tasks you actually bought it for in the first place - processing your images.

Every seen a race car with a stereo fitted?

Thought not.


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Balestrino, the abandoned town. Having decided this year that for our holiday we were going to go on a road trip, I was searching around the net looking to see if there would be anywhere interesting along our route photography wise. Our route was Lake Constance, Lago Maggiore, Savona, Monaco, Nice, Cannes, Grasse, Vienne and finally Dijon. I discovered that on route between Savona and Monaco and just a little inland lay the abandoned town of Balestrino. Although calling it abandoned is not technically correct as the whole town moved, and not very far either!

Very little detail is known about the abandonment, in the late 19th century much of the Savona area was hit by successive earthquakes which destroyed a lot of the old medieval towns. Balestrino however is not mentioned but there does show a dip in population around this time period. The town continues to be inhabited till 1953 when due to what is recorded as 'geological instability' the remaining residents left the town... for a new Balestrino about 1km along the road! What they left behind remains for the most part untouched since that time, and although it was actually used as a movie set for the film inkheart when walking around you still get the sense that it is exactly as it was when the residents finally gave up on the place and left.


My 7 year old daughter exploring the ghost town of Balestrino


It really is well worth a visit, I would have loved to have been able to wander a little deeper into the abandoned buildings but my 7 year old daughter was with us so we stuck to the safer looking areas. I must mention there are signs and the paths into the abandoned town are partially blocked as they really don't want to encourage people to explore the old buildings, they are as you can see from my images slowly crumbling away!


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Linda & Luay's Wedding Party I had the pleasure of being invited to a my friends Linda and Luays wedding party last weekend. Originally another friend was supposed to be being the official photographer for them and she had asked me if I would help out so that we could both enjoy the party and capture the wedding pictures for the happy couple. When we arrived Luay had arranged for another friend of his to take the 'official' pictures so that myself and Chrissi (you can visit her site here - ) could enjoy the occasion more as guests and not have to worry about capturing the important images of the wedding party. As myself and Chrissi had all our camera gear along with us we decided that it would be a nice gift for the newlyweds if we captured the essence of the occasion for them by grabbing a more candid selection of images of the guests and the official aspects of the party.

Bellydancer at wedding

It has to be said it was one of the most joyous wedding partys I have ever attended and I believe this is conveyed in the images I have captured for the bride and groom.  Also as you can see from the cover photo they had a belly dancer! For this wedding occasion we threw the rule book out the window and took an unorthadox approach to the wedding photography and I for one believe it has worked well.

I wish Linda and Luay all the very best for the future and I hope you enjoy your pictures!

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Digital Downloads Now Available! As of today all the images on the site are available for download under personal or commercial licence. There are three size options for personal use available:

Small/Med Print - Facebook/Blog etc: This size is suited to printing off your own small to medium sized prints or using the image on social media or for a blog or personal website.

Large Print - Online - Personal Use: This is suitable for printing off your own larger sized prints or using as background images online, desktop wallpapers etc.

Original Image - Personal Use: This is the original high resolution image file which can be used for printing to the same sizes that are offered by the print lab on this site.

To purchase, click on the buy link and select downloads and choose the size you require.

Commercial Use: There is a commercial use option available if you would like to use an image in this manner, it is for the original high resolution image file.



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